This Must Be the Place (2011)

Director : Paolo Sorrentino

Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller

Cast : , Sean Penn as Cheyenne , Eve Hewson as Mary , Frances McDormand as Jane , Judd Hirsch as Mordecai Levy , Heinz Lieven as Aloise Lange , Kerry Condon , Olwen Fouere as Mary's Mother , Simon Delaney as Jeffery , Joyce Van Patten as Dorothy Shore , Liron Levo as Richard other cast: , Harry Dean Stanton, Shea Whigham as Ernie, Gordon Michaels as Tattoo Mike, David Byrne, Seth Adkins as Jimmy, Peter Carey as Saks Clerk, Julia Ho as Saks Elavator Woman, Grant Goodman as Tommy, Sarab Kamoo as Saks Woman, Sam Keeley as Desmond, Gavin O'Connor as Bank employee, Bern Cohen as Rabbi Cohen, Robert Herrick as Airport Business Man, Tim Craiger as Cowboy Airport Passenger, Kef Lee as Concert Attendee, Madge Levinson as Jackie, Andrea Mellos, Davis Gloff as Gun Shop Owner, Sarah Carroll as Woman on Ship, Clarence Olinger as Concert Patron, Jann Hight , Elli as Rabbi Elli (uncredited), Dave Krieger as Batman (uncredited), Mark C. Schwarz as Funeral Atendee (uncredited), Joseph Smith as Club Security (uncredited)

Plot : A bored, retired rock celebrity types out to make of his father’s executioner, an ex-Nazi attempt criminal who is a refugee inside the U.S.

Run Time : 118 min

Country : Italy | France | Ireland

Language : English

Filming Locations : Alamogordo, New Mexico, USA

Company : Indigo Film

Trivia : ‘This Must Be the Place’ was foremost the name since ‘Sam Mendes’ summer comedy Away We Go (2009).

Plot Summary : Cheyenne, a filthy rich prior rock famous person (Penn), at present uninterested also uninterested inside his retirement embarks on a groundwork to treat his father’s persecutor, an ex-Nazi struggle criminal at present hiding out inside the U.S. Learning his father is about to death, he travels to New York inside the expect of human being reconciled and him throughout his concluding hours, main to put inside an appearance exaggeratedly late. Having been estranged because excess of 30 years, it is main at present inside loss that he learns the specific space of his father’s humiliation inside Auschwitz at the workforce of prior SS Officer Aloise Muller – a happening he is strong-minded to avenge. So begins a life-altering sail across the heartland of America to road drink also face his father’s nemesis. As his enquiry unfolds, Cheyenne is reawakened by the people in general he encounters also his sail is varied into one in all reconciliation also one another discovery. As his date and lot arrives also he conventions drink Muller, Cheyenne must at extensive last describe if it is redemption he aims ….or revenge. Starring two stretch Academy Award champ Sean Penn also marking the much-anticipated English-language debut of adored director Paolo Sorrentino, THIS MUST BE THE PLACE is a uncontrollable study of a gentleman on the precipice of obsession.

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