Trust (2010/I)

Director : David Schwimmer

Genre : Drama, Thriller

Cast : , Clive Owen as Will Cameron, Catherine Keener as Lynn Cameron, Noah Emmerich, Viola Davis as Gail, Jason Clarke as Doug Tate, Liana Liberato as Annie Cameron, Brandon Molale, Chris Henry Coffey as Charlie / Graham Weston, Spencer Curnutt as Peter, Nicole Forester as Susanna, Noah Crawford as Tyler, Jordan Trovillion as Waitress, Gordon Michaels as Jerry, Ron Causey as Christmas Tree Shopper, Chameria Law as Ad Agency Executive, Sarab Kamoo as Officer Gomez, Garrett Ryan as Mark, Laura Niemi as Susanna Weston, Robert Axelrod as Salesman, Inga R. Wilson as Aunt Nicole, Zanny Laird as Serena Edmonds, Milica Govich as Ms. Worley, Tristan Peach as Charlie, Aislinn DeButch as Katie, Jacqueline Forton as Parent, Jennifer Kincer as Charlie's Mom, Nancy Doetsch as Ad Agency Executive, Kelli Jo Sweeney as Party Girl, Yolanda Mendoza as Tanya, Zach Stewart as Ad Agency Executive, Wallace Bridges as Security Officer, Dennis Budziszewski as Santa vendor, Lise Lacasse as Nurse, Sean Rogers as College Commuter, Giles Key as Driver in parking lot scene, Olivia Wickline as Louise, Larry C. Fenn as Business Executive, Kyle Clarington as Coffee shop patron, Joshua Ray Bell as Bartender – at Party, Max Bassett as FBI Agent John Dawson, Jojuan Westmoreland as Club patron, Nicole Hansen as College Student, Dylan Reichstadt as Party Guest, Frank Maraffino as FBI agent tracing call, Nathan Zylich as Will's Co-Worker, Lisa Gaulzetti as Commuter – Restaurant Patron, Jay Siegel as Tour Guide, Lauren Hirte as Becky , Wendy Aaron as Mall Shopper (uncredited), Adam DeFilippi as Party Kid (uncredited), Scott Joel Gizicki as Traveler / Party Goer (uncredited), Mathew Jadan as Party Goer (uncredited), Martin Malota as FBI Agent (uncredited), Samuel Meadows as Mall Shopper (uncredited), David Ross Jr. as Traveler / Party Goer (uncredited)

Plot : A young babe is targeted by an visit cyberspace sexual predator.

Run Time : 106 min | USA:104 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Dexter, Michigan, USA

Company : Dark Harbor Stories

Plot Summary : A suburban department is threadbare apart as soon as fourteen-year-old Annie (Liana Liberato) meets her foremost boyfriend online. After months of communicating by the use of surf the net tête-à-tête also phone, Annie discovers her buddy (Chris Henry Coffey) is not who he initially claimed to be. Shocked into disbelief, her parents (Clive Owen also Catherine Keener) are shattered by their daughter’s actions also battle to psychoanalysis her since she comes to vocabulary as well as whatsoever has befalled to her only once harmless life.

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