You Only Live Twice (1967)

Director : Lewis Gilbert

Genre : Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Cast : : , Sean Connery as James Bond , Akiko Wakabayashi as Aki , Mie Hama as Kissy Suzuki , Tetsurô Tanba as Tiger Tanaka (as Tetsuro Tanba) , Teru Shimada as Mr. Osato , Karin Dor as Helga Brandt , Donald Pleasence as Ernst Stavro Blofeld , Bernard Lee as M , Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny , Desmond Llewelyn as Q , Charles Gray as Dikko Henderson , Tsai Chin as Ling, Chinese Girl in Hong Kong , Peter Fanene Maivia as Car Driver , Burt Kwouk as Spectre 3 , Michael Chow as Spectre 4

Plot : Agent 007 along with the Japanese confidential deal ninja power must contemplate along with discontinue the truthful wrongdoer of a row of spacejackings earlier than nuclear attempt is provoked.

Run Time : 117 min

Country : UK

Language : English | Japanese | Russian

Filming Locations : Akime Village Environs, Akime, Kagoshima, Japan

Company : Eon Productions

Trivia : The correct translations of sundry of this film’s distant tongue titles carries plus it One Doesn’t Live More Than Twice (France); It Only Lives Twice (Latin America); 007 Dies Twice (Japan); One Only Lives Twice / A Man Doesn’t Live More Than Twice (Germany); James Bond In Japan (Norway & Greece); You Live Only Twice (Finland); With 007 You Only Live Twice (Brazil & Portugal) plus 007 Seized The Rocket Base (China).

Goofs : Continuity: When Blofeld’s direct apartment proves to engagement not unsleeping to “impregnable”, he flees and different of his henchmen plus Bond inside tow. Blofeld takes out a Webley bask in Mr. Osato plus shoots him and it. He afterward cocks it plus motions at Bond and the pistol. The gun is smashed bask in his hand plus functions off, similarly whilst it is shown on the basis inside close-up it is cocked again. The pound may perhaps need to taste been re-cocked by hand. Bond afterward grabs the weapon since Blofeld flees. He joins the ninja assault wielding the top-break British revolver except since he fights, it allow help plus forth numerous terms into a Smith plus Wesson revolver and a readjustment out cylinder.

Tag Lines : Welcome to Japan, Mr. Bond
This Man IS James Bond [US subway final advance poster]
You Only Live Twice…and "TWICE" is the only way to live!
Sean Connery IS James Bond

Plot Summary : When an American area capsule is swallowed unsleeping by whatever they judge a Russian spaceship, World War 3 not quite breaks out. The British Government, however, sniff that assorted powers are at execute because the area produce went gulp (close) at hand Japan. S.P.E.C.T.R.E. is the energy in the back of the theft, because James Bond discovers, on the assorted hand its motives are aloof from clear, furthermore he must primarily establish where the captured area capsule is trapped sooner than America furthermore Russia kick off an added planet war.

After an unconventional rocket bring seizes manned room missions savours Earth’s orbit, theories mount along with the planet superpowers are hurled to the limit of war. Their sole trust rests along furthermore James Bond, who quickens to bring to a halt the space-jackings’ specific mastermind, Ernst Blofeld. Chief of the evil SPECTRE organization, Blofeld is indistinct on instigating global warfare savours his mammoth workplace nestled inside an sitting volcano. As the countdown begins, Bond joins forces along furthermore luscious Japanese source Kissy Suzuki along with ample Ninja warriors to mount a bold raid on Blofeld’s lair along with curtail a calamitous planet war.

During a practice US room ordeal a manned American rocket mysteriously disappears spilt second inside orbit. The Americans naturally smell the Soviets along with threaten retaliation. However, the British are other vigilant following one in every of their tracking stations indicates that the room create can suffer eventuate slurp appearing the Sea of Japan. James Bond is sent to investigate, other than as the Soviets lose one in every of their room create inside equivalent circumstances, 007 has exclusively a portion of life to find the start off website along with abate the increase of World War III.

In 1967 the US also Soviet Russia happen on an added tragedy once Jupiter 16, a US shelter capsule, is captured inside Earth orbit by a weird rocket ship. The US accuses the Soviets of the shelter hijacking, although Great Britain believes the alien craft landed inside the Sea Of Japan. Her Majesty’s Secret Service at the present swings into comprtment by "killing" James Bond inside Hong Kong – a ruse consequently Bond could switched over with details to Japan unmolested by his enemies. Working with, also pleasuring the exotic hospitality of, Japanese SIS also its commander "Tiger" Tanaka, James uncovers signal that a main chemical agency is smuggling liquid oxygen for the purpose that rocket fuel, also his also Tanaka’s study leads to an extinct volcano that is the origin of the shelter hijacking – competently for a Soviet spacecraft is grabbed by the unknown rocket also a hitherto planned US initiate is pushed up along furthermore America’s strategic forces on jam-packed effort alert, driving James also Tanaka to undertaking the specific origin of the shelter hijackings – SPECTRE, also its ruthless head Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

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