Jim (2010)

Director : Jeremy Morris-Burke

Cast : (in credits order) , Dan Illian as Jim Kotofsky , Vanessa Morris-Burke as Susan Kotofsky , Abigail Savage as #3774 , Michael Strelow as Niskaa , Atticus Cain as Nicodemus , Carolyn Morrison as Algrithmia , Michelle Ries as Lorigen Spokesperson , Amy Heidt as Eva Kismeckler , Nichole Donje as Dr. Lyndholm , Eric C. Bailey as Steve Gimbler , Maxwell Zener as Dan Muckler , Theresa Faelte-Lee as Dr. Simmons , Victor Dickerson as Earl , Gavin-Keith Umeh as Tyrone , Jack Wallace as Rick Lavelle , Jennifer Lucas as Sheila Barton , Allen Enlow as Tyce Brigs , Matthew Kinney as Dr. Latham rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Charles Barron as Injured Clone, Shawn Bell as Young Man, Rob Bradford as Erik Moxley, Christy Burke as Cheryl, Anthony E. Cabral as Lorigen Security Guard, Shawn I. Chevalier as Generator Clone, Carlos Michael Hagene as Barista, Emily Morris as Young Woman, Paul Morris as Real Estate Agent, Erik A. Williams as Generator Clone / Cafe Patron , Joe Hammerstone as Coffee Shop Patron (uncredited)

Plot : Being continuously overpowered less than the chubbiness of debt, unemployment, with going up isolation, Jim reaches a infringing point… See more » |

Run Time : 101 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : Tinmouth Films

Plot Summary : Being continuously beat not unsleeping to the fat of debt, unemployment, also going up isolation, Jim reaches a flouting point. Over a competition of unused Russian roulette he contemplates an inexcusable behavior of violence for a manner of dropping his mark. He is stopped curtest by a vision of his deceased better half who convinces him that he should as an alternative center of attention his solitary funds into an behavior of creation. Armed in addition to his wife’s chilly eggs also an extra resolve, Jim secures the services of a giant biotech agency to second him build an heir who will troth directed to inundate the obstacles of familiar men. Meanwhile inside the secluded moving closer Niskaa, the chief of a pigeonhole of genetically varied beings, manipulates a race of employee clones inside a super-industrialized, post-human Earth. As he aims to regain his decrepit domain he comes head to head in addition to a teen clone that shows an extraordinary knack for the ground that ground also empathy. Somehow in contact to Jim using dreams, the clone manifests secrets of Nature that Niskaa has not interpreted for…

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