The Island of St. Matthews (2013)

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The Island of Saint Matthews is a 16mm characteristic flick almost the kicking of the bucket of group precedent days inside the variety of heirlooms along with photographs. Years ago filmmaker Kevin Jerome Everson requested his female relative almost more matured group photographs. Her reply-that we wasted each other inside the flood was the catalyst given that this film, a poem along with paean to the citizens of Westport, a quarter without problems west of Columbus, Mississippi, along with the guidance along with oblique remnants of the 1973 downpour of the Tombigbee River. Scenarios depicted encompass a irrigate skier on the Tombigbee; a river baptism; a briefing as well as an protection indemnity originator almost downpour coverage; the influence suite of the lock along with dam; the parking motley of a church; the ringing of the St. Matthews bell.

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