The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara (2003)

Director : Errol Morris

Release Date : February 2004 (USA)

Genre : Documentary, War

Cast : (Credited cast) , Robert McNamara as Himself

Plot : A picture close to the earlier US Secretary of Defense also the a lot of tasking education he acquired close to the personality also deeds of contemporary war.

Run Time : 95 min | USA:107 min (theatrical version)

Country : USA

MPAA : Rated PG-13 for images and thematic issues of war and destruction.

Language : English

Filming Locations : Berlin, Germany

Company : Sony Pictures Classics

Trivia : McNamara foremost concured to an hour-long research for the ground that the Errol Morris PBS series, “First Person” (2000). The research lasted eight hours plus McNamara spent time for the ground that a give anyone a leg up daylight of interviewing. He in addition arrived months later, for the ground that two additional life of interviews. Morris looked on himself as well as more adequate material for the ground that a feature-length documentary.

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Plot Summary : Documentary with observation to Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense inside the Kennedy as in any case as Johnson Administrations, who afterwards became president of the World Bank. The documentary will combine a study and Mr. McNamara speaking miscelanneous of the tragedies as in any case as glories of the 20th Century, archival footage, documents, as in any case as an inspired score by Philip Glass.

Robert S. McNamara discusses his facts with training acquired at miscelanneous guide of his occupancy because Secretary of Defense lower than John Kennedy with Lyndon Johnson. He debates regarding his exert because a bombing statistician at miscelanneous guide of World War II, his transitory occupancy because president of Ford Motor Company, with the Kennedy administration’s pull off at miscelanneous guide of the Cuban Missle Crisis. However, the movie focuses foremost on his failures inside Vietnam. The subject matter of the movie are his “eleven lessons” acquired at miscelanneous guide of this time. Some of these comprises recouping defense force efficiency, conception your enemy, with the frustrations of aiming to manage (and unsuccessfully aiming to change) male nature.

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