Cry Blood, Apache (1970)

Director : Jack Starrett

Genre : Western

Cast : (Complete credited cast) , Jody McCrea as Pitcalin , Marie Gahva as Jemme (as Marie Gahua) , Dan Kemp as Vittorio , Robert Tessier as Two Card Charlie , Jack Starrett as The Deacon , Don Henley as Benji Dawson , Carolyn Stellar as Cochalla , Rick Nervick as Billy Dawson (as Rik Nervick) , Barbara Sanford as Mother , Carroll Kemp as Old Indian , Andy Anza as Crippled Indian , Joel McCrea as Pitcalin as an Older Man , Marcus Rudnick as Indian

Plot : Gang of sadistic cowboys accept zilch stage inside their technique inside their explore since gold.

Run Time : 82 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : Bronco Films

Tag Lines : Revenge… Slow and fatal!

Plot Summary : A go on a spree of five kinskith and kin realize gold inside a petty Apache camp. They murder each person there apart from only juvenile woman, who they hold in existence eager she’ll point each other to further gold. Only Pitcalin in the route of the five kinskith and kin shows gentleness to the prisoner. An Apache intrepid who was faraway from the camp discovers the massacre as anyways as buries the dead. Then he lanes the murderers as anyways as brings leisurely save for incessant retribution upon them.

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