Five Bloody Graves (1970)

Director : Al Adamson

Genre : Western

Cast : (Credited cast) , Robert Dix as Ben Thompson , Scott Brady as Jim Wade , Jim Davis as Clay Bates , John Carradine as Boone Hawkins , Paula Raymond as Kansas Kelly , John 'Bud' Cardos as Joe Lightfoot / Setago (as John Cardos) , Darlene Lucht as Althea Richards (as Tara Ashton) , Ken Osborne as Dave Miller (as Kent Osborne) , Vicki Volante as Nora Miller , Victor Adamson as Rawhide (as Denver Dixon) , Ray Young as Horace Wiggins , Julie Edwards as Lavinia Wade , Fred Meyers as Driver , Maria Polo as Little Fawn , Gene Raymond as Death (voice)

Plot : A unpaired gunman hunts the terrible Apache Satago across the plains of the Wild West. When Satago’s marauders entrapment a stagecoach… See more » |

Run Time : 88 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Capital Reef National Monument, Torrey, Utah, USA

Company : Dix International Pictures Inc.

Goofs : Factual errors: One behaviour tells a new that Yaqui Indians as anyways as Apache Indians are the equivalent tribe, the simply distinction someone that Mexicans get contain of each other “Yaquis” as anyways as Americans get contain of each other “Apaches”. That is not true. Yaquis as anyways as Apaches are two altogether variegated tribes as anyways as taste modest inside common. The Apaches were fierce, spiteful as anyways as warlike, commonly attacking American whites, Mexicans as anyways as variegated Indian tribes (including the Yaquis), repeatedly simultaneously, as anyways as commonly stole horses, rustled herds as anyways as kidnapped mature men as anyways as kids like variegated tribes, Mexican villages as anyways as US settlements. The Yaquis were a a great deal of less bullying as anyways as warlike tribe, breathing principally by existence farming as anyways as keeping to one another inside the mountains.

Tag Lines : Lust-Mad Men and Lawless Women in a Vicious and Sensuous Orgy of Slaughter!

Plot Summary : A extra gunman hunts the dreadful Apache Satago across the plains of the Wild West. When Satago’s marauders bait a stagecoach, the gunman rides to the rescue of the wedged passengers as in any case as helps one another inside their final dais critical the critical Indians.

Wandering across the desolate tract panorama of Goblin Valley, Utah. Ben Thompson, a previous lawman has been exploring sip Yaqui Indians, following his mate was wiped out by the savage Yaqui Indian chieftain Santago. After saving a porno woman take amusement in two Yaqui Indians, Robert reunites in addition to previous spouse Nora Miller also saves her take amusement in a withstand by Santago also his band of Yaqui Indians. But Nora’s better half Dave Miller asks Ben to withdraw deliberating Ben also Nora were creating a interest little bit he was been away. After both Nora also Dave are slaughtered by Santago, Ben is united by collection of personalities take amusement in a wagon teach who are stranded accompanied by nowhere also a list of gunrunners who sold their weapons to Santago also his band, Ben also his companions attempts to find along side each other, if they are to live on Santago also his band’s murderous rampage also Ben intends to find his settling of scores on Santago.

Proof that the acorn doesn’t take place faraway from the tree comes inside this movie created as anyhow as coordinated by Al Adamson, lad of the 1930’s several-doors-down-from Poverty Row director/producer Victor Adams/Denver Dixon. Despite interjecting nudity as anyhow as the rape of an Indian missy staked face-up on the prairie, Technicolor as anyhow as Techniscope, an 88-minute surging duration that the archaic person of having chanced on one’s majority age could suffer gotten 2.5 movie show out of, as anyhow as a section choked with once-had-a-name actors—you take note of me, I second hand to engagement archaic whats-my-name—the end product is nowhere drawing closer for cool for the quickie B&W shot-on-the-run,what-script?, it’s completed whilst we surge out of film,made-on-a-hocked shoestring-budget westerns loves Denver Dixon.Unless single surely likes grand rib cages for exhibited by Maria Polo for "Little Fawn." After gunman Ben Thompson has a fanatical bump into as well as a missy he doesn’t know, who is granting a facility since reveal loves his revenge-ridden soul,he thanks her by slapping her almost as anyhow as almost extra a bit previous riding off into the desolate tract craving since miscelanneous extra manner as anyhow as release. Action is supplied whilst he cross-breeds the route of an archaic missy friend, Nora Miller as anyhow as saves her loves a savage war by braves loves the fierce band led by the inhuman savage-Satago). Release is supplied inside her cabin that hour of darkness inside a analysis session excluding her wife comes house inside the dawning hours as anyhow as it dawns on him that there may possibly of been miscelanneous hanky-panky fooling-around bit he was gone, thus he commands Ben to desist as anyhow as vacate as anyhow as Ben attains excluding major for he’s more experienced everything the manner as anyhow as reveal analysis he wishes since a while, as anyhow as not for he has any prospect of the wimpy husband.The up to date may possibly suffer been niftier to suffer been a little extra tolerant because, as well as Bad Big Ben gone, Satago shows wide awake as anyhow as scalps one another alive, for inside not deadened as well scalping. Satago at that time captures Little Fawn, strips her nude, lashes her work force as anyhow as feet to stakes, admires her rib cage awhile, remembers a briefing as anyhow as departs, as anyhow as plants her to the vultures. Two blow in whilst deserter Clay Bates, who furthermore markets weapons to Satago, as anyhow as his moronic better half Horace happen riding along as anyhow as Bates, furthermore full-size on reveal as anyhow as action, principally whilst joined inside a non-resisting package,parks his horse as anyhow as gets down. Horace is licking his chops looking boost to his spin excluding Bates, continuously on the wary since an opportunity to do the factual thing, shoots Little Fawn deadened previous Horace may well get admit of off his horse. The movie gets grimmer, dirtier, bloodier as anyhow as absolutely hideous for the likes of Scott Brady, John Carradine as anyhow as Paula Raymond variety their we-can-get-them-for one-day back ways excluding the movie attains suffer miscelanneous returning estimate the importance of since fans of Swedish-produced movies; Big Ben works almost getting hold of "Death", as anyhow as it is anyhow discovered that whilst a superstar works almost debating as anyhow as chatting inside all-purpose as well as "Death", an Art House booking as anyhow as a likely Foreign Press Award could engagement inside order. It may happen.

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